With over 25 years experience as an Interior Designer, Candice Olson has imparted her distinctively timeless yet on-trend aesthetic on countless residential and commercial projects.

With the goal of showcasing the beauty, business and behind-the-scenes world of Interior Design and renovation, Candice launched her first hit TV show – Divine Design – on HGTV. After 8 seasons of number one ratings, Candice followed up with her second show – Candice Tells All – that delved deeper into Candice’s unique design inspiration and process. It also became a number one hit leading the NY Times to herald her as “the one to watch”!

With her shows broadcast in over 75 countries around the world, millions have come to know and love Candice’s signature style and trademark sense of humour. She is considered to be a pre-eminent design authority and has authored a series of six best-selling interior design books.

As Candice’s popularity grew so did the demand for her signature “Candice Olson Look”. This led to the creation of a broad collection of successful home fashion collections that reflect Candice’s distinctive, design style – an approach that is at once classic yet contemporary, sophisticated while accessible. The products embody Candice’s attitude of everyday elegance and are immensely popular amongst Interior designers and consumers alike.

“The products I design are rooted in my signature fusion of traditional form, scale and proportion with the simplistic beauty and crispness of modern design. This marriage of contrasts; old and new, minimal and adorned, sleek and lustrous, is secret to creating a look that is current yet timeless, fresh while still being familiar”.